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Para 2 a 6 jugadores de 14 años en adelante.
Duración de la partida: 360 minutos aprox.

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World in Flames Collectors Edition Classic
World in Flames Collectors Edition Classic
 de Australian Design Group
160 € - 26% = 119

World in Flames Collectors Edition Classic

It is the dawn of September 1939, and the dark clouds of war hover over the globe. China and Japan have already been fighting for more than 2 years and now a Continental war is about to spread worldwide, a World in Flames.

You, as leader of your nation, must guide your country through its darkest days, enhancing your economy, working with allies, building the units you need and then employing them effectively to defeat your manifold foes.

World in Flames shows the entire world. and is itself the world´s biggest boardgame.

In 1985 Australian Design Group launched what would become the definitive international award winning game of World War II, World in Flames. Now after 32 years we are giving you the greatest strategy game ever.

From the snowy wastes of the arctic to the deserts of Africa and the Jungles of the Pacific; armies, navies and air flotillas contest the air sea and sky to liberate subject peoples from their wicked overlords.

On any one day you might be fighting on the shores of Normandy, defending your capital, struggling amongst the snows of Russia, or launching carrier strikes in a life-or-death struggle for control of your sea lanes.

But battle is just one demand on your skills. You must also plan for your future. World in Flames allows you to produce everything you did historically or to change your mix depending on your cunning long-term plans to defeat your foes.

Do you need fleets or armies and if so what kind of fleets and what sort of armies? Carriers to dominate the seas, cruisers for scouting or submarines to become your silent killers, As for armies, do you need a small elite army or a large militia to hold what you can until your allies intervene, and the fortunes of war swing crushingly in your favour.

Speaking of allies, you need to flatter your potential partners, plan with your allies and negotiate with your potential enemies to ensure that when the blow comes it will be you dictating the terms and not your foes.

But Allies is a purely relative term, and only one country can emerge from this epic struggle truly strong and free. Is this to be your century?

Based on thousands of hours of research, plans and top secret technical data and input from over 10 million hours of playtest data, World in Flames is the definitive strategic game of World War II.

With 5 hard-mounted maps and 1600 counters, World in Flames Collector´s Edition Classic game is the ultimate boardgame, with unlimited fun, strategy and replayability. The incredible depth of detail in terrain and units, from the most common, to the most exotic, has never been paralleled.

World in Flames is the ultimate gaming challenge. Are you game to play?

The World in Flames Collector’s Edition Classic game consists of the:

• World in Flames Rules set;
• World in Flames map set;
• World in Flames Classic counters set;
• Box and 2 ten-sided dice.

The World in Flames Rules set consists of:

• Rule book (incl. 2 x A4 builds charts);
• The Campaign & Players’ Guide (sections 24-30 of the rules including scenario and campaign set ups); and
• 5 x A3 full-colour game charts.

The World in Flames Map set consists of:
• 4 large (574 x 820mm) full-colour hard-mounted maps covering most of the world (West Europe & Africa, East Europe & the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific);
• One 297 x 420 mm full-colour hard-mounted map of The Americas; and
• One 297 x 420 mm full-colour hard-mounted Turn record chart.

The World in Flames Classic Counters set consists of 1600 (12.7 x 12.7 mm) counters representing the armies, navies and air forces of World War II (countersheets 1-6, 24 & 46);

Disponibles las reglas de WiF Classic Edition

Junto con el juego se entregará (en el momento si estuviera disponible o posteriormente) la media plancha de fichas #55 que corrige algunos errores de los counters y añade algunos counters extra Vea la explicación completa aquí

Edición y Reglas Originales del Juego:     
Reglas Traducidas:     

WarGames a partir de 14 años unos 360 minutos
De 2 jugadores mínimos a 6 jugadores máximos jugadores

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